Seasons of Faith

I scrolled past in this morning on Facebook – a question by Susie Larsen on seasons of faith. She simply asked “what season of faith are you in?” And it caught my attention because I’ve spent a lifetime not being able to answer that question. I think the last time I was sure of my faith – sure of my relationship with God, I was around 10. And that bears mentioning because for most of us, childhood is a happy time – full of wonder and adventure. It isn’t hard to have faith when you spend your summer days walking around in God’s glorious world – climbing trees and catching fireflies.

In adulthood, it’s just harder to have that joie de vivre, isn’t it? But you see people walking around – happy – at peace – kinda glowing, really. I’ve seen them. I mostly noticed them when I wasn’t feeling any of those things. When I experienced the death of a good friend. The death of my father. If I had to characterize that season of faith, I would simply call it a dark time. I clung to the idea of hope, but I did not live in full faith. I couldn’t. I hadn’t walked through the fire yet. I had not yet emerged, transformed.

Our faith is weakest when we need it most. It’s so hard to be positive when you’re in the midst of a serious trial, isn’t it? But even clinging to hope is building your faith. And when you do emerge, transformed, you find that you better understand what this faith thing is all about. When the next trial comes along, you’re simply more likely to trust in a higher plan. You’re that much more likely to be the person who has peace in the midst of the storm. After enough storms, and they’re guaranteed to come, aren’t they? – your faith becomes unshakeable. You may not believe that now, but it’s true. One day, you will find, as I have, that you are in a season of unshakeable faith.

What season are you in now?



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