What Makes It Hard?

So, we talked a little bit about motivation yesterday – specifically how I have been motivated to make some changes based on who I really am. Then I saw this quote this morning by Zig Zigler, and it really resonated with me:


I guess the biggest reason we are unable to stay motivated sometimes is we forget that we need daily motivation. We need to be inspired and moved DAILY to bring about the change we seek. How do we do that? I think faith is the central part of it. If you have unshakable faith, you know that all things are possible for him who believes. How do you build faith? You spend time alone, meditating on scripture.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I think we all need those anecdotes to help us find clarity in advice. I used to be plagued by worry and anxiety on a daily basis. And I’d consider myself a pretty positive person – so the inside of me was very conflicted. How could I be so inclined to smile but be so fearful at the same time? I prayed about it. I asked God why I had this issue with anxiety when I had such a blessed life. And I got an answer. The darkness I was in was not of Him. If I wanted to come out of that darkness, I needed to fill myself with light.

So, I get up early and have some quiet time. I read a little and think a little. I do it every day – without fail. And that’s what keeps me motivated. I may have a down day now and then, but life is very different because my faith is unshakeable.

That’s what my daily FB posts on scripture are about. I post those things to motivate myself. To reflect what I’m reading and learning. To keep myself on track.

How do you stay motivated? Have you tried any of the things I’m doing?


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