She Bloggeth!

It’s not that I’m lazy; it’s that when it comes to blogging, I need to be inspired. I also need the dishes to be done and the bed to be made and my hair to be brushed and my desk to be clean before I can even THINK of sitting down to write. And so by that token, you are left to assume that for the past several months, I have been living in a dirty house with unbrushed hair. So be it.

So, what finally happened was that I said something to someone about taking one little step towards a positive and fulfilling habit. And then a light bulb went off when I looked at my laptop this morning. (It could have just been because it was sitting next to the new coffee maker that sends fireworks through my entire body every time I behold its beauty, but let’s just call it a light bulb moment for the purpose of this essay.) “Blog?” my laptop whispered. “Today?”

Also, I’ve been reading a book by Gretchen Rubin called Better Than Before. It’s about forming permanent, positive habits. Hard to believe one book could be so powerful, but I’ve made a couple of earth-shattering changes in my life since starting it. The wisdom in this book is like smart coffee – it goes to where your will is currently at its weakest and fortifies it. For example, I’ve been arguing with Brock about space for years. I need more space. I don’t have any space. You have all the space. Just really being a general sour puss about space. So, I started reading about clutter and space, and I realized something: I hate clutter. I hate collecting things. I am not precious about stuff – I can clear a closet in a half hour and never mourn the loss of that dress I was saving for a fancy Cinderella gala.

So, instead of whining about space, I relinquished space. I gave up my desk at home – it really was only a place for me to house clutter anyway. And I felt better. One part of the book talks about really knowing yourself and BEING yourself. Well, under that direction, I realized my hobbies don’t require any space. I like photography. I like reading. I like blogging. (Be quiet on that – I just took my first step back up Everest – smile and nod.) I don’t want to be the ultra crafty Anna White. I don’t want to want to a Pinterest queen who forms a close and personal attachment to pallet boards. There may be a whole lot of things I COULD do in this world when it comes to hobbies, but I only want to do the ones that really fulfill me and define me and improve me. Admittedly, working with power tools doesn’t enhance my personality in any way. It actually makes me very nervous and worried for the safety of anyone around me.  Brock uses power tools like they’re long, lost appendages. My friend, Lauren is the same way. The girl has never met a wall she didn’t want to paint or a piece of furniture she didn’t want to refurbish. And it was a good moment when I realized that those were THEIR gifts and THEIR hobbies. THEY need space. I do not. I just need a quiet place, and I can find that anywhere.

Then Lauren told me about this awesome calendar she bought on Etsy. It really is awesome. You have to print and assemble the thing, but it’s still awesome. I put mine in a binder. Of course, I have to give credit to Gretchen Rubin, too. She tells us we need to regularly refer to our planners to help us stay disciplined and on track. That’s working, too.

You can find it here:


And the last thing is that I’m still paying for my old website. And I’m ready to stop paying for something I’m no longer using. I could bu


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