Summer Assessment

How many summers have gone by where I totally lose track of time and forget all the little projects I told myself I would do during this long break? Too many. But I think I must be growing up because something told me to do an summer assessment this week – to check my to-do list and my calendar and to look around me and pay attention to the time I have.
There are things to organize, closets to clean, and schedules to run. And in the midst of it all, fun must be had. It’s summer after all. So, by that token, there are books to be read and walks to be taken and afternoons to be spent swimming and laughing. Taking stock doesn’t always mean making sure the business end of your to-do list is being checked off efficiently and expeditiously. It also means making sure you look up and pay attention to what’s around you. Revel in it. Smile about it. Appreciate it.




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